Vanguard Publisher’s Guards Invited Us – Robbers

Three cross-border armed robbery sus­pects who allegedly robbed and attacked Pub­lisher of Vanguard News­papers, Mr Sam Amuka Pemu, have revealed how Amuka’s security guards in­vited them for the robbery operations. The AUTHOR­ITY learnt that five armed robbery gang attacked the octogenarian publisher in his home at Anthony village Lagos on June 5, 2016 and carted away monies in vari­ous denomination.
Parading the suspects and others arrested in the last 30 days by the Lagos State Po­lice Command, one of the lead suspect Atim Abubakar said two security guards se­curing Amuka’s compound sold him out by divulging classified information that led to the success of the rob­bery.
He said, “I am a profes­sional driver from Chad and one day I was returning to Nigeria when my phone rang and one Mohammed told me that there was a clean job brought by trusted security guards. He told me that the security guards of a very rich man brought the job and there was no need to panic.”
However another suspect who is a Chadian, Umoru Zeni, gave a graphic account of how the robbery was car­ried out, explaining that the guards who brought the job knew about their coming and kept the door open for their entrance.

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