Kenya: Pink Bicycles for Female Flower Farm Workers

By Leopold Obi

As focus on sustainable farming practices takes centre-stage, flower grower, Oserian Development Company, has introduced bicycles to encourage female employees to cycle for ease of movement, better health and a cleaner environment.

This message will be driven home by three farm-based Kenya women’s national football team (Harambee Starlets) members who have been gifted with pink bicycles for doing the farm and country proud.

The girls play for both the Oserian football team that is a contender in the Kenya Premier League and the female national team.

Irene Ogutu, Dorcas Eshikobe and Leila Apiyo received the bicycles from Managing Director, Neil Hellings, who asked them to encourage their counterparts to cycle.

“Ladies have generally shied away from riding and we converted black bicycles to a colour universally acknowledged as appealing to girls to encourage cycling.


We opted for the football champions to spearhead the practice because heroes make good role models”, added Kirimi Mpungu, the farm’s head of administration.

Dorcas and Irene, were in the Harambee Starlets team that beat Uganda Cranes 4-0 in Kisumu last Sunday.

Oserian supports football to develop teamwork, cohesion, a healthy lifestyle and encourage productive leisure time management. “Ultimately, employees are healthier, more productive hence increase value at work while reducing down time, sick leave and medical bills”, added Mr Mpungu.

Another Oserian worker has also been recruited into the national cycling team.


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