Zimbabwe: Minister Ridicules Morgan Tsvangirai Over Illness

By Kenneth Nyangani

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is paying back with colon cancer for wishing death on President Robert Mugabe, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene has said.

While most Zimbabweans have shown sympathy to the country’s main opposition leader, Tsvangirai, who revealed his health status last week, the controversial Chimene chose to bluntly wish ill of him.

She made the shocking remarks yesterday in Mutare while addressing thousands of Zanu PF party supporters who were set to be enlisted to get residential stands for free in a move seen by analysts and opposition parties as an irrational political campaign strategy.

Chimene did not only express her happiness about Tsvangirai’s illness but went further to describe him as an ugly person whose facial appearance was not appealing to voters.

She also told the cheering crowd that former Zanu PF activist Ace Lumumba was a homosexual.

“Tsvangirai is suffering with cancer; it’s payback time for wishing President Robert Mugabe to die, but Mugabe does not have cancer. Who are we to questions God’s will? Why opposing our president who is 92 years old? l would even sacrifice for my president by giving him my 20 years and l will die,” she said.

“If you look at his [Tsvangirai’s] face, that is what is in his brains. He is not appealing. He is ugly. You should not vote for him because he is a loser,” Chimene said.

Source: AllAfrica.com/The Standard

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