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14 Things Dads Can Do To Show Their Daughters They Love Them

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Sunday, June 19th, 2016
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Whatever your love language may be, here are fourteen things dads can do to show their daughters they love them:

1. Love her mother

If there is one thing you take away from this list I hope it is this: love your daughter’s mother. When a father shows devotion to his wife, he is ultimately showing his daughter what she should be looking for in a man. Fathers who live up to their role in a marriage, are creating an expectation and security blanket for their daughters to admire and seek after in their own future relationships.

2. Wash her car

It sounds simple, and it is simple. Taking the time to perform a mundane chore for your daughter will help her recognize you care about her and you are willing to take the time to help take care of things she holds dear.

3. Randomly ask her to dance

Get out of your comfort zone! Randomly ask her to dance in the middle of the kitchen sometime. You never know what a little cha-cha or rumba could do to your relationship.

4. Listen to her music

Next time you are in the car together turn on the Taylor Swift Pandora station. You can “Shake it Off” or jam to “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Whatever the station may be, or whatever song you may sing, jamming out together in the car is a surefire way to show your daughter you care.

5. Learn how to paint her nails

Whip out the bright pink nail polish and practice on yourself before you brave your daughter’s perfectly trimmed nail beds. You may mess up and miss the nail completely on your first five tries, but the laughs that follow will be priceless. Stick with it, and soon you will have an activity you can always do together.

6. Take her on a date

Man up and ask your beautiful daughter on a date. When a father takes the time to plan, prepare and organize a special evening set aside just for his daughter, he is showing her how much he loves and values her. Providing his daughter the opportunity to dress up and feel important is crucial in developing and promoting your daughter’s self-esteem.

7. Be involved with her hobbies

Take your daughter to soccer practice, help your daughter get ready for her dance recital, or help bake the brownies for your daughter’s softball team dinner. Do whatever you can to get involved with your daughter’s interests. Putting forth interest and effort is a good way to show you care.

8. Do not body shame

This may be hard, but try not to approve or disapprove of other females bodies. Regardless of whether the individual has a “smokin hot bod” or is larger than most. Addressing large and skinny female bodies, helps create a toxic environment for your daughter to get involved in body shaming.

9. Teach her how to fix things around the house

One of the best things a father can do for his daughter is to teach her she is capable and strong. A father can help a daughter feel smart and competent when he takes the time to teach her how to fix things for herself. Providing a young daughter knowledge in how to fix basic house problems can help improve her independence and confidence.

10. Randomly text her in the morning

Take her by surprise before work and send a quick text message that encourages her to have a great day and reminds her that you love her.

11. Snapchat or send her pictures of things that remind you of her

This one is simple: if your daughter is a fan of flowers, send her pictures of beautiful tulips blooming in the front of your office. If she is a fan of the Utah Jazz, send a picture of a fellow fan rocking her favorite player’s jersey.

Take the time to recognize little things your daughter appreciates and send her pictures to remind her you love her and think about her.

12. Let her pick the movie

After the popcorn has been popped, the blankets have been claimed and the couch seats have been assigned, instead of selecting your go-to war movie or superhero flick, allow your daughter to select the movie. This simple gesture lets her know her interests and preferences are appreciated as well. Get ready daddy, she might be asking you to “Let it Go.”

13. Learn how to braid her hair

Get your fingers ready because they are about to get tripped, tricked, and confused. One night when you are sitting in your living room with your daughter, ask her if you can learn how to braid her hair. Either prep by watching a YouTube mini lesson beforehand, or ask your own daughter to teach you the ways. This activity promotes quality time spent together. Once you start playing with her hair, she is bound to know you love her.

14. Go on a walk or a run together

Strap on your sneakers, pull out your old sweatbands, and hit the ground running with your daughter. Exercising and walking outdoors together is a good way to spend quality time away from a screen or distractions.

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