15 Time Wasters That Successful People Avoid

By Kristin Pryor

And I’m not saying that every day has to be 100 percent  full of productivity; life is all about balance, but one of the great things about effective time management is that you can get more done in less time and have more hours available for things you enjoy.

A good way to start improving your productivity is to take a good hard look at how you waste time. We all do it, and many of us waste minutes and hours of our days on the same tasks things that can either be made more efficient or eliminated all together.

N2Growth, a company that provides leadership coaching and consulting has put together an infographic that lays out the 15 time wasters that successful people avoid. They are:

  1. Not listening
  2. Not finishing
  3. Working late
  4. Lack of focus
  5. Bad planning
  6. Technology interruptions
  7. Initiative overload
  8. Drop-in visits
  9. Bad delegation
  10. Poor organization
  11. Procrastination
  12. Improper use of “yes” and “no
  13. Unproductive meetings
  14. Not learning
  15. Not engaging

I’m sure you can relate to at least a few of these and the infographic goes into further detail about how to avoid these time wasters, and also gives some statistics on the top time wasting industries and states. In the wise words of Golda Meir, “I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.”

Source: http://tech.co

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