Celebrating International Women’s Day 2016 With A Difference: #MySistersKeeper2016.

Are you tired of all talk and no action? Are you bored with all the long speeches and marches? Are you concerned that a day for women is becoming less and less about them? Let us do something different this time for International Women’s Day in 2016!

Above Whispers.com in partnership with UN women, Nigeria and WFM91.7 (Nigeria’s 1st Radio station for Women) is facilitating a social campaign to encourage individuals and organizations to participate in a philanthropic activity as a way of celebrating the March 8, International Women’s day.

UN Women Nigeria in addition to promoting the Campaign within the UN system in Nigeria and amongst partner organizations will also be mainstreaming the campaign into their official ceremony on 8th March, 2016.

Our role at Above Whispers.com will be to widely facilitate individuals and organizations’ involvement and also promote the campaign on all our social media platforms. We will also involve our networks in government circles, the corporate sector and civil society. All participants in the campaign will be expected to send pictures and videos of their activities to info@abovewhispers.com or otherwise post the pictures and videos of their activities on their individual/organization’s social media outlet with the hashtag #MySistersKeeper2016 and #IWD2016. Subsequently AboveWhispers.com will produce a short video to accommodate the various activities to be shared with the general public.

Suggested #My SistersKeeper2016 activities for individuals on March 8th 2016

  • Visit an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp
    Go to the market and buy goods from women without pricing them.
  • If you see a woman hawking, buy all or some the goods she is carrying
    Give money to those asking for alms
  • If you have female staff such as cleaners and maids, do something nice for them
    If you go to a salon, pay the bill of another sister
  • If you eat out, pay for another woman’s meal
    Buy books written by women and give them to young women
    Visit a hospital and pay the expenses of a woman in need
    If you see an elderly lady, greet her warmly and give her something nice
  • If you take a bus, pay the fare of another woman
  • Do something nice for your female colleagues in the office.
  • Pay for free medical screening for poor women
  • Send out messages of love, peace and solidarity to women in your network using #My Sister’s Keeper on social media platforms


Suggested #MySistersKeeper2016 Activities for Organizations.

  • Prepare placards with #My Sister’s Keeper and post on your social media platforms
  • Celebrate your female employees on March 8th
  • If you take out newspaper adverts to celebrate International Women’s day, use #My Sister’s Keeper
  • Send a donation to a women’s organization
  • Sponsor medical screening for women
  • Commit a tangible percentage of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities toward women’s empowerment
  • Ensure gender mainstreaming in all department and committees within the Organization
  • Create an Organizational Gender Policy and ensure strict adherence


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One Response to Celebrating International Women’s Day 2016 With A Difference: #MySistersKeeper2016.

  1. Bello Mohammed Bello March 5, 2016 at 1:41 am

    Hi, My names are Bello Mohammed Bello, a popular film Actor/Director/Screen-writer/Producer in northern Nigeria. I really want to participate fully in this campaign because this problem is a major factor causing a great setback in the nothern Nigeria and it must be stopped.


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