Skente Gele – The New Face of Gele

Are you planning a special event?

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Do you want a head-tie that is unique and of excellent quality?

Do you want to avoid cheap imitations which are hard to tie and hurt your ears?

Do you want a head-tie that you will feel comfortable having on for hours on end?

Do you want an Aso-Ebi head-tie that you can use as many times as you want?

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Then consider buying Skente-Gele.

Skente-Gele is made of top-quality Damask fabric. It has a soft, luxurious feel, and is easy to tie.
Available in a variety of vibrant colours, what makes Skente-Gele unique is the signature trimmings on the Gele, which give the head-ties a very glamourous and elegant look when tied. Skente-Gele is The New Face of Gele now.
It is fast becoming the choice of society women including First Ladies and fashionistas.

Why not try something different?

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There are also special Ore Iyawo (Friends of the Bride) designs available for Bridal trains.
For viewings of samples and orders, contact:, 08034479019, 0811 771 9838

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