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We Cannot Be Silent On ‘Honour-Based’ Violence

Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani has brought forward a motion that certain crimes against women should no longer be described in relation to ‘honour’. Her rationale sounds reasonable – that describing these crimes differently has meant that police have been treating them as less serious; that they have been avoiding dealing with these crimes due to […]

Forget ‘Mansplaining’ – Just Teach The Next Generation That We’re All Equal

A few years ago, I was working for a tech company as a copywriter. The workforce was approximately 90% male but that didn’t particularly faze me, except that I had one colleague who would ignore my emails, talk down to me and reject my ideas. And it was because I was female. How did I […]

Gender Equality Can Save Women’s Lives In Disasters

Later this month, the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) will take place in Mexico. This meeting provides an important opportunity to reboot global progress on embedding gender equality in disaster risk management and to redress deadly exclusion. Even though the quality of disaggregated data needs to be improved, research shows that women and […]

Unleashing The Potential Of Africa’s Youth

Unleashing The Potential Of Africa’s Youth

Empowering Africa’s youth is one of the most serious challenges facing the African continent today. Although many African countries are experiencing an economic boom, youth empowerment in Africa is at a crisis stage. While we have made great strides in providing access to education, we have not matched this with providing equal access to employment. […]

Immoral Hazard: The Gender Inequality Of Risk

  Whilst the international media reported that over 800 people died in Haiti due to the impact of the recent Hurricane Matthew, a gender breakdown was not given even though your chances of surviving a natural disaster often depends on your sex. This inequality of risk is increasingly important in a world of more frequent […]