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Hearing God When You Are Confused

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Tuesday, August 1st, 2023
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Princess Arira

What I have learnt is that journeying through life is an adventure. Just like the way people would travel to different places or go for lots of explorations, we journey the same way in life and all of this is an adventure. The beauty of having an adventure is that it will come with different seasons. Adventures aren’t meant to be pleasant all the time and they also aren’t meant to be distressing all the time but it’s a balance of both, but by the end of the day we should learn something meaningful about our journeys and experiences through life.Through this adventure of life, we ought to be aware that it is through faith we can be able to go through life because it is through faith we can stand through the tests and crises of life.

When you ask questions about something in your personal life, those questions can actually increase your faith about it. When we don’t have faith at all or lose faith in life, we can never really navigate or have the secret to being victorious through life’s challenges. As born again Christians, we should live by the spirit in order to overcome difficulties and not by the flesh. Being led by the flesh or living in the flesh is actually following or trusting in our emotions so much when we face hard times and it’s really not the right thing.

One of the biggest difficulties in life is having confusion. When we are confused, we are literally in darkness. Making life’s choices in confusion is like walking in a dark room where there are high chances of hurting yourself in the process. When we make choices while in confusion, we can hurt ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually since we will live in regret about those choices. That’s why we need faith and divine direction while we are in confusion about our lives and the one who gives us that divine direction is the Holy Spirit who is our life’s navigator.

Through the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we have peace and when we go where the Holy Spirit leads us, we can never go wrong. Through our consistent fellowship with God, we can get to know our divine purpose in life and with that purpose in mind, God can show us where we are going astray. If we are not careful when in confusion, we could be in darkness within our souls and we need light to counter the darkness through the Holy Spirit.

 Another thing to counter confusion is by changing the atmosphere around you. Instead of being negative, tap into the spirit and have the joy of the Lord which is our strength through spending time worshipping God, praying or meditating on the word of God. 

Aa a believer, have it at the back of your mind that God gives us an attitude of gratitude and can also make us remember the faithfulness of God which gives us enough reason to give Him praise. This helps us to keep our feelings in check.

Bible references,Psm 119:105, 2Cor 5:7, Jhn 16:13, Josh 1:8.

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