“Children are from God”, says the couple with a large family.

“She won’t give me a son”, says the father with an all-female child.

“If you can’t give my son a child, I will bring him a new wife”. Says the mother whose son’s marriage has no child.

These trio realities pose the question, “Who is responsible for the birth of children?”. Most importantly, “Why is the feature ‘children’ a quest for all in marriage?”. A marriage is not deemed fruitful without the cry of a legitimate child.

Could this be the reason why some women go extra miles chewing and drinking irritable concoctions in order to be a ” Mother”?

Could this be the reason why some become strategic players in sexual scandals?

Could this be the cause for the rising level of child beggars on our street?

Why should you produce a child, you are not capable of training, why should you subjugate innocent ones who did not beg to be born in a world of struggle? You’ve found solace in accusing poverty forgetting that you made a choice to produce lives without planning ahead of time.

The gist is not to relegate the joy that comes with child bearing. It is a good thing to be a channel through which a life is brought alive. This doesn’t underestimate the fact that it is high time we started to understand that the lives made today without no proper care by parents or supposed guidance may one day become thorns piercing every flesh penetrable as they become product of neglect, having a negative view about a life where true love doesn’t exist.


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