The Moment You Don’t Care About Work – You Are Not Alone

By Monica Torres

If you still have a job while tens of millions of Americans file for unemployment benefits, you are in a privileged position right now. But that doesn’t mean your performance is not being affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Even if your job is meaningful to you, it can be understandably hard to stay motivated or even care much about it during a global pandemic that is infecting millions and has killed over 187,000 people worldwide.

“The sudden reminders of our mortality and the suddenness with which people are dying can conjure existential crises, can inevitably make us wonder what our legacies areas we are seeing so many people’s lives cut short,” said Kristin Bianchi, a Maryland-based licensed psychologist at the Center for Anxiety and Behavior Change.

woman yawning while working

Bianchi said her therapist colleagues have reported that their patients feel apathy, restlessness and futility around their jobs right now.


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