#AW Gist : The People Around Here

By Onozasi

Let’s talk : I am not going to mince words here but I will say it the way it is so people can learn because that is what we do here.  There is this ‘attitude’ that Africans put up, especially on this side of the continent which I call ‘Stiff ignorance’, the mindset that nothing has to change except it’s done the way it has always been done. The mindset that because we have come this far with mediocrity we can as well wallow in it and keep up with the attitude.  We wonder how we got here but I would say that most times, we are our own problems. We are the ones forcing ourselves back, we are used to throwing dirt outside the car so when someone else comes and says no, or when the person comes and says it cannot be done that way or you will be penalized then we start shouting, what is it? isn’t just dirt? but you have forgotten that when the gutters are stuck,waters overflow and there will be flood and this will affect a lot of us and as usual, the government is at fault. I have heard some annoying words that people say about how things are done and how they are contended with being in that shallow state.

Business people talking in meeting

One day, I was with a friend of mine and we were both discussing about a project and then someone came in, in the process of us discussing about this issue, she said… this cannot work like this here, it might work well where you are coming from but it cannot work well here and then I was taken aback, this is just common sense why can’t common sense work here? Why should stupidity and foolishness thrive? Now, this mentality has nothing to do with being educated or not, when you are down, you are down. I have had conversations with some so-called educated peeps and it irritates me the way they go about leaving common sense for what works for their belly. If we want a better environment we should be able to work well for it. I mean, do the needful things not the insane things out of greed.

Let us Understand this :

Insanity is Insanity 

I would like you all to see this as what it is. When people are mad, they are mad there is no two way around or about it. People fail to understand that the right thing is just what it is, THE RIGHT THING. Don’t tell a Lie, Don’t forge the records, Don’t throw your dirt via the window, it is the right thing. Report to work early even if your boss isn’t watching, it is just the right thing. Pay the right bills and bring the receipt, it is the Right thing. Can we  shout it out so that people at the back can hear it?

Don’t Bend

For those who are crusaders of what is right, don’t bend. When they come with that ‘line’ that’s how it’s done here, listen to them and let them know how it is done correctly with the use of common sense. Educate them but don’t be like them. Sometimes, it is hard especially when you happen to be the only one in the group doing the right thing and the others aren’t, don’t fidget, don’t sway, don’t allow anyone pull you down because someone is watching. You really don’t know when that good sense will come in handy for a global stage.

There is so much that we can do if we really stand to do it right. I have realised that we are the ones pulling ourselves back most times because of our greed. Can we come together and understand that what is RIGHT is RIGHT and What is WRONG IS WRONG!


Source: Above Whispers

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2 Responses to #AW Gist : The People Around Here

  1. Olakunle Olajide March 27, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    Only if we can do it right. The frustration you get from doing the right thing can be overwhelming but it still pays to do the right thing

  2. DSEED March 27, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    Sometimes you look like a fool or they make you look like a fool doing something right. We just have to do the right things no matter the people around or where we are. The change we desire start from us.


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