Recognising The Leading Of God

By Princess Arira

The way to know God’s plan in our life is to know His person. The law is personified in Moses, there is nothing in God that accuses men. The law of Moses is the one accusing men Jhn5:45. KATAGOREO (greekword) for accuse. It simply means to charge with an offense, to make guilty. Jesus is the mediator of the new testament Heb 9:15, Exo 20:19, Heb 12:18, Jhn 5:25.
Faith 2
What you say to yourself is stronger than what people says to you, Mark 11:23-24. The perception of God they had in the old testament was distorted because they caused it themselves by believing a lie. The law was added because of transgression Gal 3:19, ROM 5:18-20.  PROSTITHEMI Greek word for Added, it means an inclusion not part of the original plan. The law was never called the law of God but the law of moses Heb 10:18, Jhn 7:19,22-23, Debut 4:44, 27:1-8, 33:4, Josh 1;8.
The law of Moses has curses Deut 31:26, Gal 3:10, Christ redeemed us from the curse by His finished works Gal 3:13. Christ finished works gave us power to stand against the wiles of the devil. EXOUSIA  Greek word for power. Acts 26:18. It means authority, power, right, strength, liberty, freedom. Acts 8:9,  23:11.
When the devil harasses you don’t over look it, you conquer it with the word of God, that is God’s authority. There is power of darkness but you react by chasing it out with the power of God, when you recognise and expose a demon it will run. Demons have presence, as a believer if you sense their presence around you, you rebuke them.
As a believer you need to be very drastic in addressing anything that looks like a demonic operation in your life. Oppression is real but more real is DOMINION, men are under the influences of the spirit. One of the most powerful weapon of the believer is SENSITIVITY because d devil takes advantage of human frailties. The sensitivity of a believer is at the mercy of God’s goodness and presence.
Men ought to learn how to recognise God’s voice in order not to be beguiled by the devil. 2cor 11:3. As children of God, we should always know how to position ourselves to receive and hear from God in various ways!!!
Source: Above Whispers

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