#AW Gist : Just Before You Emerge

By Onozasi

What do you want to do? This a regular question, statement, remark that we have heard countless times. This is basically a Question, a primary question. We have heard this at home, at our workplace, at functions, at job interviews etc. People would often ask, what do you want to do? As simple as this question is, as easy as it’s posed,  a whole lot of us find it confusing, why? because we don’t understand what we want to do. We don’t get the fundamental reason{s} behind what we intend to do. For instance, I’ve come across a lot of young persons who look up to different people as role models, mentors etc but the question is, what do you want to do? You don’t have to jump on every train for relevance. You don’t have to be everybody’s girl or boy because of relevance, how does your purpose fit into what you are doing or what you intend to do. Do you even recognise your purpose? Do you even understand the depth that is higher than the surface? I was listening to Oprah and she said, she knew she wanted to go into this because every time, she discovered a depth, force higher than her, calling her, drawing her to fulfill her mission. Of course we all know that Oprah has fixed lives beyond Television. Yes! You want to be in front of the camera, you want to handle the microphone and speak, why? Why do you want to do this? Oh, You want to have a foundation, you want to be recognized by all the organizations in the world, why? Is it for grants, for travels or for humanity? The moment we begin to understand that there is a life beyond the glitz and glamour that the society portrays, then we have found our Morning. I am not coming to school you that those things don’t matter, they do but something matters much more and that is the Ability to Understand that When all Fades, Impact remains. This is the only thing that would keep you going.

Dougal Waters via Getty Images
Dougal Waters via Getty Images

You see a lot of young people thriving to go into politics and when they are being engaged in critical discussions, you soon realise that they are very confused. So, why do you want to lead a country? To be seen, to embezzle, to fly the world or just to be given the reverently title, President!  We have left the basis for the superficial. We have allowed ourselves to think that life is all about the number of gold you can keep. We have forgotten that before the Gold comes Hard Work, comes the Drilling Process, comes the Pain, the Sweat, then the Fire that refines the Gold. Most of the people in this generation want to jump the phase. They want skyrocketed success. They want fame, they want the glory but before this comes hard work, that is the part we lie to ourselves about. We all want to Blow! It’s not a crime to blow but if you blow unworthily, you will become ‘that neanderthal’ when great men are being tested. You would not be able to sit amongst the men that matter.

Whatever it is that you want to venture into, ask yourself this critically basic question – What do I want to do here? Why am I here? This will help you navigate through every part. And if you don’t understand why? Keep mute. Don’t force answers on yourself, if you do, you are only lying to yourself. Allow yourself grow to the stage of ‘Knowing’ what you want to do and why? . It is okay to be confused but learn while at it. It is okay to say, ‘you are not sure’ but learn while at it also. This will help you emerge, this will help you evolve. Hence, my question to you, Just Before You Emerge :What Do You Want To Do?

Source: Above Whispers

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