#AW Gist : These Children Are Sexy

By Onozasi

I am writing this to address this unworthy issue about some people saying  children are appealing to paedophiles. I saw a show on YouTube and I must say that I was furious and at the same time flabbergasted to think that some grown ass men would sit down and say that parents sometimes make their children appealing to paedophiles. How would you say a child is appealing to a grown up man? How would you say the dress of an 8-year old is appealing to you? I find it difficult to take that in. Do you remember those days when we would wear just pants and play outside the house? those days when we would be bathed outside the house? so, now a child cannot be allowed to be a child anymore? Excuse me, what is appealing in the grooming breasts of a 5 year old child? what is appealing in the butt of a 6 year old? isn’t  this madness? People give silly excuses for atrocities, they give silly excuses for men who should be killed, jailed. I do not agree that children are appealing to adults. So, when uncle Mark comes to my house, I cannot wear my pants as a child, I cannot breathe in and out as a child because of one man who’s sick in his head? How would you say that a child is appealing?

Rape issue


Now, I understand the aspect of training your child, I understand the part where you have to groom them via what they wear, what they eat and how they behave but saying that parents are the ones triggering paedophiles because of what they wear for their kids is just absurd to the ears and people are trying to find excuses for them. Permit me to say this, if you have a problem, you have a problem. If you have issues in your head, you are the one that should be checked, you should  not grace yourself with annoying excuses, saying kids are the ones at fault with that. Our children shouldn’t be molested, our children should be nurtured, they should not be ripped off by men who are thirsty, men who are monsters in flesh. We should have laws that should kick these men off. We should have laws that should take them to prison and get rid of their manhood, don’t call me mean but look at it, how do you place it when a 35 year old man rapes a 6 year old? How do you place the brain in that? What is sexy about the body of a 6 year old?  Apparently, someone is sick here and it is definitely not the child, it is the man. It is the man who is sick.

Can we talk about serious issues? can we talk about the fact that an 11 year old child is being molested by her uncle? A child is pregnant for a 60 year old man. Can we talk about that and find a lasting solution to it? Can we discuss this? Can our laws be made effective across Nigeria? Can we stop hiding these paedophiles under the cover of they are family?

When a man who’s a family member is mad, he is mad it doesn’t matter if he is family. We should stop this act of allowing atrocities persist. Let our children live in peace.

Source: Above Whispers

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2 Responses to #AW Gist : These Children Are Sexy

  1. Bimbola December 24, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    some men are just very mad. nonsense!

  2. Lilian Martins December 24, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    I am so happy you wrote about this. There is absolutely no excuse for rape. None at all. why would a grown ass man rape a child? why? he is definitely sick.


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