The Story Corner : What A Penalty

By Onozasi

Hey, my people. I have come again o. I heard one Mr musician was arrested for illegal possession of arms. You don’t know? oops! Uncle scored the unwanted goal just like the song he sang, penalty. He is an ace youngster known for his song penalty, wait, are you thinking what I am thinking? If you are, well? I am not sure I know what I am thinking about though. So, the gist is, Uncle was stopped by some police officers and out of his sheer energy, the feeling of being a star, he confronted the police officers and wanted to shoot at them. Well, according to my source, the men were angry and asked  if he had the right to possess an arm? of cos, the answer was No and he was arrested.

Ugandan soldiers deployed with Amisom play football with Somali children after taking back a town from al-Shabaab. Photograph: Irin
Photograph: Irin

As usual, people got on this case and started talking about it, according to them,it is unfair for the artiste to be ridiculed because he’s not the only one among his colleagues who’s got a gun or who’s in possession of arms like they call it. Some people even suggested that probably he got into a fight with of one the big guys and that landed him in trouble. You know the way we think na, when something happens people begin to put two and two together just to make themselves feel better. Anyway, he has been released and he thanked his fans for their support and my question is, did they help him beg the police authority to let him go or???  I even learnt some fans fasted and prayed for his release, oh! what a love.


Anyway, I think the penalty has been recorded as throwing.

Source: Above Whispers

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2 Responses to The Story Corner : What A Penalty

  1. Lanre Philips December 12, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Won ti gba penalty lo throwing. Looool. no be me talk am o

  2. Samuel December 12, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    Won ti gba penalty lo throwing ooo. So funny.


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