The Story Corner : Excuse Me Ma, I Am Not Your Daddy

By Onozasi

My people, my people, something just happened right now. I was on my own as usual {winks} when a young lady ran to me for help. What happened is your next question yeah, chill, because I will gist you. {grabs a bottle of water} Okay! So, this babe came to me asking if it’s okay to date a man as old as her father. Hmmm… why? I asked her, she said the man wants to help her with her a job but he is demanding for a relationship. A relationship or sex? She said, the man wants to take care of her and when she pleaded and addressed him as her father, he rebuffed by saying “I am not your daddy”.


In Yoruba land they call such men “Agbaya Oshi” {stupid adult} . Can you imagine this nonsense element? But come to think of it, Women want to be referred to as Madam but men don’t want to be referred to as Sir from younger women. That’s when you will hear, Just call me Charles, you don’t need to call me Sir, I am a simple man, Na so! Simple man my butt. You see the way they go about spoiling other women, sleeping with them, shaming their integrity and tomorrow now, he will say he has found love in the life of a twenty year old girl and he {the man} is in his late 30s. I told the young lady to either chose long term pleasure of short term enjoyment and she was wise to pick something worth more than a superficial excitement

 The way some men go about shaming their family tree is pathetic and when it boomerangs now, their wives will be running from pillar to post calling Fire, Calling Allah,Crying for help but she didn’t know, she wasn’t aware when the man was  busy saying, ”Don’t call me Sir, I am not your Daddy”. Anyway, Mr husband should better know what he is doing because if you carry trouble on your head, You will digest it. 

Source: Above Whispers

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