Ministry Of Industry To Increase Women Investors’ Involvement In Ethiopia

 Ministry of Industry disclosed that it is putting effort to encourage local women investors in the manufacturing sector in order to improve their involvements in the economy and bring about sustainable investment in the nation.

Creating enabling environment, encouraging and supporting local women investors engaged in the manufacturing industry is the major priority that the Ministry is working said Eyerusalem Damete, Director of Gender Issue Office at the Ministry.

gender issues

Besides the incentive packages provided for investors, the Office conducts continuous assessment every year so as to fill the challenges that women investors encountered. The assessment helps to identify the limitations and provide them with the necessary technical supports, she added.

As data collected in 2016 revealed, out of 250 investors engaged in the manufacturing sector, the number of women investor was only 31. However, currently their performance has increased to 51, she noted.

 According to her, the assessment conducted by the Ministry revealed that shortage of investment lands and absence of information are the major challenges that women investors encountered.

“If the required facilities and support were provided at the desired level, there would not be any reason that women investors could not be successful. Keeping in mind women’s double roles and responsibilities at home and workplace and the demanding nature of the sector, the government should provide more incentive packages for women.” the Director opined.

So far, the Ministry has been working with various government institutions such as Custom and Revenue Authority, and Ministry of Finance and Economic Corporation to provide the incentive packages that is put in place by the government.

While mentioning what her Office provides to women investors, Eyerusalem said that the Office’s responsibility lies on creating platform for women who are organized in small and medium manufacturing enterprises so as to expand their business. Further than this, it provides them technical supports such as preparing business plans.


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