Female Officers Advocate Elephant Participation In The Force

By Eulalia Amabo

Female officers of Cameroon’s Police force, Gendarmerie and the Army energetically participated in the May 20th march-past in similar manner with their male colleagues.

female officers cameron

Female officers of the armed force march-past in grace during the military parade of May 20, 2018. Two detachments comprising 144 female police officers each processed in all dignity with heads high for being at the service of the nation as they protect persons and property.

Besides matching in two blogs made up of only women, others were integrated with the masculine gender in the different military corps. Women officers handled weapons and played in the display ban with all dexterity.

Worthy of note are female officers who equally led military march-past by commanding certain detarchments. Marching without weapons passes out information about the police; at the service of protecting and helping citizens, ensuring the respect of constitutional laws and the control of traffic in highways.

At the motorized march-past, female officers steered and controlled military vehicles and other cars used for fighting insecurity through timely interventions. In Cameroon today, women can be found in the ranks of the Police Corps as Inspectors General, Directors, Service Heads and Commissioners of Public Security. An appraisal of this outcome and their active participation in the May 20 march-past just like men makes it clear that gender equality is given due consideration in the country.

It indicates that appointments and march-past is not based on sex partialities but rather on competence. Whether in the Police, Gendarmerie or any other corps of the military in which women are present, their ideas are always sought during the decision making process.

Oyono née Thom Cecile is Inspector General at the General Delegation of National Security while Police Commissioner Ewu Akenji Jeannette is Director of Public Security. This greatly attests to the fact that women are capable of managing and actively participation in military parades of the National Day event.

Source: allafrica.com

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