Fighting Against Gender Bias- Safe Haven For Women And Girls

By Yosef Ketema

Panelists said in the efforts of upholding gender equality, fighting biased traditional norms against women’s right and dignity is a must.

Speaking at the panel discussion organized by Ethiopian Academy of Science, one of the panelists and Gender Activist Dr. Sihin Tefera said the nation needs to do a lot towards the fight against gender inequity through creating gender sensitive society.

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For her part ,Dr. Ewnet Gebrehana from Black Lion Hospital, said: “We also have to combat inexhaustibly against some of norms that negatively affect the reproductive health of women such as women’s deprivation of deciding on number of children, early marriage and the like.

 She also called on the public to sustain and promote the well established norms that are practiced for the betterment of women like taking good care for pregnant women .”People show great respect and care to pregnant and those women who carry baby on their back while using public transport and other services at various public areas. Moreover, such women will refrain from any kinds of domestic work.”
 During the panel ,Senior Gender Researcher and Activist Zenebewerk Taddesse stressed that some social norms have been affecting women’s life such as persistence of early marriage and denial of deciding on who should be their marriage partner.

Another Gender Activist Bilen Sahlu also noted that sever gender based violations are being committed due to the negative social norms.

As a way forward, the panelists outlined ensuring equal access to education and health care services, creating decent employment opportunities, enhancing women’s roles in decision making in every issue related to their lives apart from promoting best social norms.


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