How To Look This Valentine Without Being Cheesy

By Vivian U

It is the month of Love!!

Every year, this month, everyone looks forward to the 14th. Although valentine is a day to show love irrespective of the nature of the relationship, platonic or otherwise, the focus is on romantic relationships.

Gifts, dates, sleepovers, heart-warming calls and text messages, new valentine themed songs, the birth of new relationships and butterflies resurrected. It is a beautiful day of every year. It can also be for many, a huge indicator of where you stand in a romantic relationship (LOL) I’ll leave that for the love doctors and relationship experts to breakdown.

Some of us are going to be holed up in our houses, eating and sleeping, enjoying the quiet, not a care in the world for the day (or because single) while most of us will be out having the time of our lives. For most of us that have dates planned for the 14th, the aim is to look hot and beautiful without being cliche.


Others like red, but do not like to wear it on Valentine not because they do not want to be a part of the valentine spirit, but because they do not know how to rock red on Valentine’s day without looking cliche.Today we are going to be looking at different looks, red or not, that we can draw inspiration from, so we can successfully avoid looking cliché



valentine 2

valentine 3


valentine 4

valentine 5



valentine 6


valentine 7

valentine 9



valentine 10


valentine 12valentine 11

So whether you are in a relationship going on a date with your significant other or going on a valentine date with a prospective partner or happily single and going out with your girls, I am sure one or two of these looks will inspire the fashionista in you. And even if you do not have anyone to share the day with, that’s not an excuse to not enjoy the day.

Valentine is a day of love and that includes loving yourself and showing yourself a good time. Dress up, take yourself out and treat you real good. Take pictures meet new people. You deserve your love. Enjoy your valentine everyone. Until next week, stay glam.

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