Colours In Fashion And Their Meanings

By Vivian U


Aren’t we happy the January is finally over? It overstayed its welcome, dragging its feet and making payday seem farther than it is. Now our bank accounts are smiling and all’s right with the world again. It is the month of love and the theme for this month is COLOURS. Colour is at the centre point of fashion.

There are very few things that are more important in fashion than colour. Each colour can evoke different reactions from different people depending on circumstances, cultural differences and personal preferences. They carry different emotions and represent moods. When deciding what to wear, one of the reasons for the dilemma that we face is colour. Knowing the effects
colour has on a majority of people is a valuable knowledge for everyone, for as much as you may not pay direct attention to what effect it may have, people do react to the colours they see even if they do not know it.


Neutral colours are commonly combined with brighter colours. Black is the strongest of them all. It is associated with elegance, formality and power. On the flip side, black can mean death, reason why it is the colour of mourning. It can also mean evil and mystery. Black can work very well with any colour.
White is often associated with purity and virtue. It is the go to colour for brides because of this. It also depicts holiness and goodness.

black colour

In India however, white is the colour of mourning. White can work well with any colour. Gray symbolizes professionalism and formality. Light gray can be used in place of white and dark gray can be used in place of black. Gray can sometimes be said to be moody. Brown is a natural colour associated with wood, earth and stone. It symbolises dependability, reliability and earthiness. It can also be said to be dull. It however gives a feeling of warmth and wholesomeness. It can be used as a replacement for black in its darkest forms.




Green is a secondary colour. It is the colour of nature and money. If you want to represent wealth, renewal, a willingness to grow and show ambition, then green is all yours. Brighter greens are more energizing and vibrant, while olive greens are more representative of the natural world. Dark greens are
the most representative of affluence. Blue is the colour of the sea and sky. It depicts calmness, honesty, spirituality. It is considered a masculine colour but ladies can rock this colour too.

blue appleIt is a primary colour that represents responsibility. Light blues are refreshing and friendly, while dark blues are strong and reliable. Purple is a combination of red and blue. It signifies royalty and wealth. Lighter purples are considered romantic, while dark purples most represent wealth and royalty. Purple gives a sense of luxury.


Warm colours are red, yellow and orange. They are generally used to reflect passion, happiness, energy and enthusiasm. Red is hot. It is love, passion, violence and fire. It can be used to depict evil (devil) and anger. Red has been said to be able to raise blood pressure, respiration rates and enhance human
metabolism. In China, Red is the colour of prosperity and happiness. Red is the colour of mourning in South Africa. It is best to stay away from this colour when going for a job interview as it may convey the wrong message.

red colour

Red will be great for a dinner with a hot date or your partner. If you want to stand out and grab lots of attention, then red is your colour. Yellow depicts a serious mind who is able to concentrate well. It is associated with hope, sunshine and happiness. It is also said to be the colour of deceit and cowardice. Dark yellows and hued yellows can sometimes look antiques. Light yellows give a sense of calm and happiness.


The colour Orange says “social and friendly”. It is a very vibrant colour. In its muted forms, it is associated with earth and autumn. Orange represents change and movement. It also depicts creativity, health and vitality. It also is a colour that commands attention in a more subtle way than red. That’s it about colours for this week. There will be more to come in the following weeks. I guess the problem of having to find exactly what colour evokes a preferred emotion is ticked off our to-know list.
Until next week, stay glam!!!
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