Region Focuses On Hostels To Address Early Pregnancies

By Daily News

THE Kilimanjaro Regional Administration is planning to build hostels for female students in the area to address early pregnancies in its schools.

The remark was made by the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC), Ms Anna Mghwira while addressing the 38th Kilimanjaro Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) meeting that was held in Moshi recently.


“The challenge of pregnancy among students is big in our region, and there are indications that most of the impregnated students are day scholars,” she pointed out.

She directed local authorities within the region to cooperate with other educational stakeholders to make sure they build hostels for girls all over as soon as possible.

 “The regional administration is now focused on the construction of hostels and dormitories especially for the female students. The construction of these facilities should go in line with building of new classes and teachers’ houses,” she further said.

Earlier, in her presentation to the RCC, Same District Commissioner (DC), Ms Rosemary Senyamule, said a special research that was recently conducted by Same District Administration on the same, showed that most of the impregnated pupils were day scholars.

“In Same District, we conducted the study and realised that majority of the students who become pregnant are those who commute from home on daily basis, and their number seems to be bigger in comparison to those in boarding schools,” she said.

The decision was reached after the report was presented to the meeting, further indicating that about 334 students became pregnant in the region, including some 12 from Primary Schools.


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