Nigeria Female Golfers Celebrate International Women Golf Day

Nigeria’s Ladies golfers on Tuesday joined the rest of the world to mark the inaugural Women’s Golf Day which is first time celebrated on the 6th of June.

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In the activities to mark the day by the Nigeria Golf Federation and Ladies Golf Association Of Nigeria, a four hour unique event was observed in line with over 750 Clubs, the world over, that registered to mark the day.

Four different centres across the federation namely IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja, Ibadan Golf Club, Port Harcourt Golf Club as well as Asaba Golf club were designated by the organisers to receive Golfers for the celebration.

At the IBB International Golf and Country Club, over 80 Amateur golfers took part in the event. Dressed in red T-Shirt and white trouser, the women were divided into three categories.

The active golfers played 9 holes, while those women that were yet to play well and those that are coming to the course for the first time received tutorials from the Professional golfers.

Speaking after the event, Vice President, Northern Zone of the Ladies Golf Association of Nigeria, Ekanem Ekwueme said the day is to announce to the world that Nigeria women are lovers of the game of golf.

“You know the belief among many people is that golf in Nigeria is only been played by retired people. This is not so. Nigeria women, girls and Children are all playing the game. This is also to tell the women that in spite of their busy schedule both at home and office, they can still play golf,” She said.

Ekanem promised that more women will be talked to join the game in d nearest future.


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