Kenya : CCTV Captures Horror Footage Of Nanny With 7-Month-Old Baby

By Joseph Muraya


 Baby Grace (not her real name) is only seven months and has already been exposed to an unbelievable experience.

It is a traumatising experience captured on CCTV footage.

An adult woman is seen in the video laying on the floor with her pants halfway removed while innocent baby Grace is seen trying to support herself with a seat, just behind her.

The woman is holding a phone and seemingly she is recording her private parts, taking close up photos and selfies of her half naked body.

She takes different positions in a bid to take a clear recording of her private parts and even moves to other places of the expansive house where there is more light.

The footage, seen by Capital FM News shows a plate food on the floor with food for baby Grace.

She then takes the seven-month old girl and she is seen trying to force her head towards her private parts.

The baby stays there for a few minutes before she lifts her and starts feeding her.

All this she does with a lot of calmness and confidence, despite being a true definition of wickedness.

Mothers Pain

Patience (not her real name), the mother of baby Grace spent the entire day on Sunday orienting her new house help, whom she says going with her appearance, would never have thought is capable of even “harming a fly.”

On Monday morning, Patience left for work at 7.30am hoping that her new house help would take good care of her first-born daughter.

At 9.45am, she went back home to check on her baby “while dropping some diapers. I found the baby crying… after some time I went back to work.”

Patience, as if suspecting something was amiss, went to check on the baby later at around 1pm.

She returned home at 9.45pm and found the baby crying “unusually.”

In the evening, her house help gave “amazing feedback” of how they had spent the day with baby Grace and even said she had finished all the food given to her.

“So to confirm this, at around 10pm, when everybody had gone to sleep, I decided to run the cameras (to review the activities as captured on CCTV),” Patience said during an interview with Capital FM News on Wednesday.

“I was keen to see whether the baby finished the food as she was saying; whether there was any issue and generally I always run the cameras when I come to see the things someone doesn’t report.”


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