Govt Extends Period For Handling Doctors Strike From 60 to 90 Days

By Simon Ndonga

The government has extended the time for resolving the doctors’ labour dispute from 60 to 90 days in a move seeking to compel the medics to end the ongoing strike.


According to an advert in the local dailies, should the doctors accept the Ministry of Health’s return to work formula, it should be concluded by the parties within 90 days from the 60 stipulated in law.

“The CBA negotiations will be concluded by the parties within ninety days from the date thereof, but in any case, not later than 15th of April 2017, formulating the tripartite Collective Bargaining Agreement between the National Government, County Governments and the KMPDU,” it stated.

The deal would also be signed by devolved units and would form “part and be incorporated in the comprehensive CBA covering the period between 2017-2021 when signed and registered in court

The statement says that it would see the highest earning doctor take home a maximum of Sh582,980 and the lowest an intern receiving a maximum of Sh208,236.



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