Tanzania: Women Present Land Ownership Demands To Government

By Lydia Shekighenda

Women yesterday presented to the government their charter of demands concerning land ownership and management of natural resources.

The demands are aimed at pressuring decision-makers to take action in addressing the plight of rural women on issues related to land ownership.

The demands were presented to the Commissioner of Lands. According to the charter, the government should ensure that the 1071 Marriage Act and other laws related to land ownership are amended to protect the rights of both men and women in land ownership and management.

The women also demand to be involved in preparing and implementing all plans aimed at addressing the challenges facing them in accessing and owning land. They also want the government to come up with a special programme aimed at preparing women to hold leadership positions on land management.

The local governments are also required to set aside budget and organise special programme aimed at discouraging repressive traditions on land rights and make it as permanent agenda in its meeting.

It also calls the government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and other stakeholders to support activities aimed at empowering women economically so that they can compete in production.

The women also want the government to ensure that budget set aside for agriculture benefit the intended groups and it should be increased since most of the citizens depend on agriculture for food and income.

Source: allafrica.com

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