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What’s My Name?

What’s My Name?

The above title, from a song by Rihanna, may well sum up an aspect of the modern woman’s dilemma. It was ‘different strokes for different folks’ some years ago when a Nigerian born billionaire issued newspaper advertisements purportedly restraining his estranged wife from ‘parading’ his surname. Some cheered him, others condemned his action.  It probably […]

Gender Is Correct Politics

A good number of women politicians in Nigeria seem to shy away from gender issues. For them, the question of disparities between men and women is taboo, not because they don’t know that gaps exist, but they want to be seen as “serious” politicians.  Here’s a society where it’s incorrect for a woman in politics […]

Ese Rita Oruru: An end to impunity?

Ese Rita Oruru disappeared from home under circumstances that her father considered embarrassing to the family. He quickly blamed his wife Rose. The man couldn’t imagine how else his daughter would have come into contact with a character such as Yinusa if she didn’t occasionally help out at her mother’s food joint.  But Mr. Oruru […]

Decent Burial Please!

During the glorious days of the Daily Times Group in Nigeria, I got into the habit of reading the Lagos Weekend, the black sheep of The Times’ stable. In those days, many persons who regarded themselves as decent, wouldn’t touch the paper with a pole. But the very reason for which the weekend paper was […]