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Family Planning Is Women Empowerment

Family Planning Is Women Empowerment

Women are one of the important resources of any nation and society. Women have the right and capacity to work, earn and fend for themselves and their family according to the constitution of Nigeria. However, the reproductive gender roles of women have positioned them in a situation of having selected the option to choose in […]

World Book and Copyright Day: The Book, The Missing Girls And The Change Agenda

World Book and Copyright Day: The Book, The Missing Girls And The Change Agenda

Today, April 23rd, is designated World Book and Copyright Day by the United Nations. On this day, two years ago, Port Harcourt, Nigeria became UNESCO World Book Capital City (WBCC). The WBCC title is a ‘symbolic nomination to a city in recognition of its efforts in promoting books and reading’. The city holds this title […]

How Young Nigerians’ Distrust of Political Leaders Fuels Covid Misinformation

Ever since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global public health emergency in January 2020, there’s been a need for studies that help explain what people understand by public health messages. Research into the nuances of communication is especially important when conspiracy theories and misleading rumours about the pandemic are in circulation. Misinformation can […]

A Strong Africa-EU Partnership Hinges on Justice for Africa’s Children

The might of Africa to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world remains untapped. Exploited and discriminated against for generations, the people of Africa have been systemically denied their freedom and wealth. As a result, 92 million children in Africa are in child labour today, more than the rest of the world combined. […]

Namaste Wahala

Watching Namaste Wahala got me thinking about how nonprofits are seen by individuals as a hobby and not a career. Getting on Netflix, I was excited to click on Namaste Wahala having heard about it online and from a friend. Little did I know the movie has some plot around the sector I have come […]

When and what time is best to get married?

This article was inspired by this question as asked by one of my young friends on his Facebook page and I was fired up to write about the time I think a man should get married tapping into my anecdotal research findings on the topic. Here are the indicators for when a man is ripe […]

Family Planning Is women Empowerment {Part 2}

Family Planning Is women Empowerment {Part 2}

We have earlier discussed how making an informed decision on when to have children, child spacing and child Limit could be a form of empowerment for women. We also learnt the importance of planned parenting on improving quality of life for women and children. These are not possible without the use of contraceptives especially during […]

Lessons from my Ex

Public service announcement: this note is to my ex from the day I started toasting ladies to when I got married. I hope this announcement clarifies any trouble that may arise. I am sure someone is already wondering why he is writing to his ex. What is even the plural for ex? Wo (look), I […]

‘Off The Mic, Honourable Adviser’

But let me get this straight, what do fathers, mothers, aunties and neighbours think when they tell single ladies or guys about why they need to get married and the fact that they are not getting any younger. What exactly do they think marriage is? Are they paying attention to any lessons from their own […]

Ibidun Ighodalo: A Purposeful Life

On 2nd October 2017, I used the metaphor of a cow with wooden leg to illustrate the story of Nigeria in a presentation titled, “A Nation on the Edge: Which Way Nigeria?” at ‘Platform Nigeria’. It is a programme of the Covenant Christian Centre hosted annually by Pastor Poju Oyemade in Lagos. The question I […]

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