Sunday, May 26th, 2024

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The Early Water Of The Stream Is Always Calm

Erelu Bisi reminds me of water – that essential elixir no one can do without. She especially reminds me of the early water of the stream, always calm, cool, and clear. You can tell that her wisdom formed at an early age because of her strong memory bank of the ways of old and the […]

A Letter to Dr Kayode Fayemi on International Women’s Day

Dr Kayode J Fayemi The Honourable Minister Mines and Steel Development Federal Republic of Nigeria Abuja   Dear Dr K, In Year 2000, I began work at the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) as Programme Officer. I was seven months pregnant but I did not feel inadequate. I had support. I remember two months […]

Mothers and daughters: a better or different world?

I am very much a modern woman – at the intersection of the pathways  between new opportunities and old traditions. Navigating the old to the new, until they become older and very old and not so new.  Mother, wife, career person, a citizen of Islam and of Nigeria. A Person. This is my most prized […]