The Story Corner : She Is Cohabiting And Receiving Punches

By Onozasi

Story corner is a subtle gossip corner for you. We will take some issues around the country and sometimes outside the country and discuss about them. If they arrest me, I will come for all of you too {lol}. Story, story….

Today, there is a very hot story to share. I was in my room as usual, I don’t know why and how these stories walk up to me while I am sitting on my own. {Well, you can believe whatever you like, but I was in my room sitting when this story came} I was about drinking water when I heard the first sound downstairs, It sounded as if robbers were in the area so I lied on the floor immediately. My dear, one has to be security conscious. After some minutes, I didn’t hear the sound again, I sat up then I heard another sound… Gbaaaagggggaaaaaaa! This time, a woman was screaming. What? What happened? Did something collapse? Is a house on fire? I rushed downstairs and lo and behold, a man was hitting his wife hard. Nobody in the flat stepped out except me. Wait? Did I tell you that I just moved in there a month ago? Well, I just did and I panicked so much that I had to run. When I saw this couple fighting, screaming and the way the man was hitting his wife, I screamed and called him a stupid man. What is happening to you? Are you mad? See me see something o. The man turned and said I must be crazy for calling him mad. Really? I replied him by yelling back. You think a sane man will carry all these to hit his wife? A man that is sensible won’t hit his wife as I said that, he turned and wanted to hit me too. I grabbed his hands, looked him in the face and told him to dare it and end up in jail. He dropped his fist and went inside. The woman was left all alone crying. I went to meet her and asked why she was still here when the man hits her. She said she has no where to go and moreover, they have been cohabiting for over 6 years…. What?

Injured woman leaning sadly on wooden wall, concept for domestic violence
Injured woman leaning sadly on wooden wall, concept for domestic violence

So, you aren’t surprised that the other people in the flat didn’t show up but even at that, they should have come to her rescue. How come people didn’t come and help you? She replied genuinely and said, they have advised her to leave but she didn’t and that’s why they don’t interfere anymore. What a life, woman! You better go and look for something to do before you kill yourself here. This man hasn’t married you and he is hitting you like this? Your life need reconstruction o. She looked at me and said, she will try her best but it’s not easy for her but it is easy for her to receive the strokes and weep like a mad woman I guess. I think your life lies in your hand but if you feel you want to kill it, stay but if you want to keep it, Go! It is in your hands.  I left, went to my room, put on my television and guess what? Another story showed up. 

Source: Above Whispers

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2 Responses to The Story Corner : She Is Cohabiting And Receiving Punches

  1. Nkechi October 5, 2018 at 8:41 am

    Ahhhh! what is she still waiting for? You see, some women are the ones that just killed themselves untimely.

  2. Samuel October 5, 2018 at 11:12 am

    I hope her story won’t end with had i known..


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