The Story Corner : There Is No Chill On Social Media

By Onozasi

Ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome.


Have you seen what’s been buzzing online now? especially for my twitter fans, Hmmm! it’s a serious business. Some days ago, Nigeria had its Presidential debate, it’s no news that some of the aspirants didn’t show up, that’s a gist for another day  but one of the aspirants referred to the only female aspirant as ‘Delectable and Beautiful’ excuse me please, it’s a debate after all and we get the spur of the moment thing but the people of the world came at him o. They said it’s wrong for him to have called her that on such a stage because she wouldn’t have referred to him as Manly or Handsome. This is a stage that talks about their intellect and that, should have been the point of emphasis not ‘physical’ endowment.

Moreover, for someone who’s said to be vast and well-read they expected more from him. Hay! This got twitter buzzing and people were pouring in several comments even though I get the point but my thing is, the woman in the middle of all this didn’t make a fuss about it so let’s forgive this man. I always tell people that this social media world has come to make us edgy, very edgy. You don’t want to say something so you won’t be lashed at. In fact, it’s tiring. The guy did well but for that reason of calling an aspirant ‘Delectable and Beautiful‘ the people of the world said he didn’t try.

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : There Is No Chill On Social Media

  1. Samuel January 25, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    People will always talk..Just do your thing abeg..Irrespective of what they say, the words can’t be taken back. So let every other person bounce jare.


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