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When and what time is best to get married?

This article was inspired by this question as asked by one of my young friends on his Facebook page and I was fired up to write about the time I think a man should get married tapping into my anecdotal research findings on the topic. Here are the indicators for when a man is ripe […]

What Two Girls Taught Me About Love and Hatred

I love children, anyone close to me enough knows I do, and I respect them a lot. In fact, my plan is to have 1000 children when God’s kingdom comes—what will I be using my energies for then, when everything will be perfect! However, 2 girls ages 6 and 4 as at 2019 (I hope […]

Less Than 72hrs in Her Shoes

Less Than 72hrs in Her Shoes

First, whoever says the place of a woman is in the kitchen seriously needs a rethink.  I won’t say more! Over the weekend I had to “babysit” an 8-year-old going to 9- Friday through Sunday. You know what that means? Let me tell you. It means I must do the dishes, bath him, prepare breakfast, […]

Thinking Through The 50,000 Naira Debate

Whoever started the online conversation asking ladies not to marry a man earning 50,000 Naira as salary per month must have called for the wrath of many while also enjoying the support of some who could make sense out of his or her argument.  Yours truly is neutral! I have read many arguments for and […]

Women and Headaches: Looking For A Cure

Tell me a married man who hasn’t heard his wife complain of headache especially when the man wants to ‘’collaborate with the aliens in the other room’’ and I will tell you that man doesn’t exist (allow me to exagirate please, at least this is not a scientific article) sometimes men can’t process the headache […]

Yay! As A Man I Know How To Do The Dishes!

Summer is here and I am enjoying it in this part of the world visiting a family of two, where I am the youngest though I am itching at my 40th. Licking my fingers I devoured the plate of pounded yam, vegetables and proteins served by the mother of the house and the intergenerational dialogue […]