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MAKING IT BETTER: Compassion, Empathy, Humanity

These are words that sound quite simple and straightforward but in reality are quite powerful and mean so much. As human beings we have been created to have these qualities inherently within us. These are some of the gifts that have been bestowed upon us as human beings that separate us from the animal kingdom. […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Another Birth Year To Be Grateful For

Six decades and a year! That’s if you want to be dramatic which I have an inclination to be every now and then. I marked another birthday last week in the midst of hearing of death everywhere. Life continues to happen and we have to be a part of it the best way we know […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Best Wishes For The New Year!

Happy 2017 dear readers! It’s good to be back with you again in this New Year. I hope you had a soft, peaceful entry into the year and I pray this continues throughout 2017, in addition to whatever else you might require to give you and your loved ones the best possible year. I am […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Do You Have ‘A Go To Person (Persons)’?

I spent last weekend with a group of fellow Ministers in Dartmouth UK and the time was exquisitely sublime.  Dartmouth is a rural town in the English countryside, so we were communing with nature in all its excellence and mystery. This retreat had been planned for several months and even though I signed up for […]

All Protocol(s) Observed

All Protocol(s) Observed

Nigerians love events and ceremonies.  The engine of governance in fact runs on this special fuel, which in many ways has become an occasional excuse for waste and idleness. I have in the course of work attended and compered many of such events; one thing that I find curious is the obsession with acknowledgements. If […]

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