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Yay! As A Man I Know How To Do The Dishes!

Summer is here and I am enjoying it in this part of the world visiting a family of two, where I am the youngest though I am itching at my 40th. Licking my fingers I devoured the plate of pounded yam, vegetables and proteins served by the mother of the house and the intergenerational dialogue […]

Thinking Through The Greatest Need Of A Man

“The greatest need of a man is not sex (he can get that from a prostitute) neither is it food (he can get that from a good restaurant). A man’s greatest need is respect”. While still struggling with the breaking news read out by my wife that because tomato is expensive and scarce I now […]

Mama O Yo Yo

Anyone who has seen the Peak Milk advert in Nigeria will agree with me that Mama O yo yo  is  a beautiful song for mothers. Hearing that song however got me thinking and it brought to mind some of the questions I have always asked myself- how many times in the year is Mother’s Day? […]

I Need A Divorce

So it happens that each time I remember I have an invitation from Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi to write an article for Above Whispers I ask myself what do I want to write not because I do not know what to write but I guess I was only being careful not to offend the audience for […]

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