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The Many Sufferings Of A Firstborn

The Many Sufferings Of A Firstborn

Before his/her arrival, most couple are in high expectations, with any little delay in getting pregnant raising anxiety. At the sight of the protruding belly, friends, families, relatives and colleagues are happy. After 9 months when the bundle of joy finally gets here the joy of everyone related to the couple will be full as […]

Thinking Through The 50,000 Naira Debate

Whoever started the online conversation asking ladies not to marry a man earning 50,000 Naira as salary per month must have called for the wrath of many while also enjoying the support of some who could make sense out of his or her argument.  Yours truly is neutral! I have read many arguments for and […]

The “Blue Bread”

“ED, this office seems not to be gender sensitive, we have tissue papers but there are no sanitary pads for women” a female colleague said in passing. Hearing this I said what do you mean? Then about 5 ladies pounced on me saying “yes ED we need sanitary pads”. While my brain was still trying […]

What is This Nonsense About Marriage?

One is continuously amazed at the things happening these days all because of marriage. Now don’t get me wrong marriage is good if you are emotionally, spiritually and financially matured for it. I have chosen those adjectives carefully following my nearly 10 years’ experience in marriage and I agree its not long enough for me […]

The Man Who Taught Me How To “Gbe Agbara Si Le” (Relinquish Power)

IT was a private reading for a book launch. I have been invited to listen to the author as she reads from some of her writings on different issues. What an honour to have been invited to such an important occasion that had Nigeria’s richest, best and finest in attendance. There was glam everywhere with […]

Are We Men This Bad?

Kai! Who will save the marriage institution from collapse? I recently joined some married women on Whatsapp for discussions on what men want. I was invited by the groups administrator, at first, I declined the invitation as I was reluctant to discuss the topic knowing fully well that men’s needs or wants are relative. I […]

Who Is Training This Generation Of Boys How To Approach Girls

Recently I met 3 guys in their mid-twenties (graduates and running their second degrees) at an event as we got talking, this very beautiful lady in the same age bracket walked in and was looking towards us. Then I asked jokingly whose girl friend is this coming in and looking towards our direction? To my […]

Women and Headaches: Looking For A Cure

Tell me a married man who hasn’t heard his wife complain of headache especially when the man wants to ‘’collaborate with the aliens in the other room’’ and I will tell you that man doesn’t exist (allow me to exagirate please, at least this is not a scientific article) sometimes men can’t process the headache […]

The Economics Of Diapers And A Smart Man

Now that the world is going smart, what if we have ‘’smart’’ husbands or better still ‘’smart men”. Well not talking about ‘’smart’’ in the real sense that you know of I am talking about being smart in the sense of understanding some realities about women, marriage, child rearing, the economy, family planning and societal […]

Trumped Lessons For Us

Historically ‘’trumping’’ her exit. Left to many of the world’s population, the 45th President of the United States should have been Hillary Clinton but American’s have proven the world wrong. Donald Trump is the next President of the world’s most powerful nation. Certainly this will have implications for civic space, race, parenting, disability, gender, religion, […]

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