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MAKING IT BETTER: Are We Burying Each Other Alive? – A Clarion Call For Our Collective Consciousness

I am always struck by the numbers of comments and responses on Nigerian social media or in particular the print media on anything to do with a scandal, politics and maybe religion. They sometimes run into the hundreds and customarily after the initial few responses that actually speak to the original topic or story, the […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Pray, Sing And Share With Me

Hello beloved readers, over the past few weeks I have had spiritual stirrings within me and having just completed writing two funerals, learning about the death of two colleagues, hearing about quite a number of celebrity deaths here in the UK and particularly reading the recent wonderful, moving, exquisite tribute to the late Ex Deputy […]

MAKING IT BETTER: The Psychological Meaning Behind Hoarding

Hoarding has been a hidden and mostly misunderstood disorder for many years. It actually is a much bigger and complex condition than is actually known. People who hoard are on a continuum. The spectrum goes from the person who can’t stop or curb their retail binging which could include clothing, shoes, bags, household items; to […]

MAKING IT BETTER: The impact of Anger and Hatred on your Well Being

Anger and hatred are negative states of the mind that destroy our happiness. As a people we are not very good at letting go of anger and its corresponding states. We plot, encourage and condone this emotion in ourselves and in each other. All negative mental states act as obstacles to our happiness, but we […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Good Friendships: An Actual Lifeline

When you have friends, real friends, living or dead, it doesn’t matter where you go, you always take them with you in your heart. I don’t have a lot of friends (by choice), just a select few. I have concluded that it’s quite possible due to the nature of the work I do which requires […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Internet Trolls And Bullying: A Serious Threat To All

The issue of internet trolling, bullying, unkindness, meanness, whatever you want to call it, all falls under the umbrella of human beings treating one another at best with very little humanity and at worst with the darkest cruelty you can think of. Sometimes you wonder, ‘what is this all about’? This is a brief vignette […]



What a wonderful time to be a woman. I am feeling quite fruity, exuberant and full of hope as I write for you wonderfully erudite readers. As a result of this state of mind you can expect this to be reflected in the attitude in this page. We have just celebrated Mother’s  Day which I […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Negotiating Loss and Bereavement

MAKING IT BETTER: Negotiating Loss and Bereavement

‘You will not get over the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same, nor would you want to.’ Kubler-Ross & Kesler In the course […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Does Mental Health mean madness to you?

Ok, let’s keep it real now. Be honest, what was/is your gut feeling/reaction when you see or hear these words, Mental Health. Does your stomach turn? do you cringe, turn away, disassociate from it? Do you immediately think it has nothing to do with you? It’s something that happens to others? Do you think it […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Gratitude and Forgiveness

Happy New Year all! I have to say I am really excited to be in a forum that I trust can only be soul enhancing, empowering, provoking and most of all a space where like-minded women(maybe men?) can come together and have some fun even when we agree to disagree. I have spent the best […]