The Story Corner : Why Are We Here?

By Onozasi

Happy April! I wish all of us a good month. 

I am not so happy right now, why? well, if you have been following what’s been happening online, you would have seen a video of a young men who’s shot by SARS {Special Criminal Unit of the Police Force}. Well, there’s been some hashtags about ending this special unit because of their brutality and insensitivity. People have accused them of killing innocent Nigerians, of accusing young people wrongly, taking their belongings and holding them hostage for the wrong reasons.  Hashtags have been made, people have talked, shared videos and all sort but the government, the force have done nothing about this.

face sad

On the 31st of March, a certain young man was killed by these guys who walked into a community, searching for a criminal they weren’t sure of and started kicking off their guns, that’s how that trigger happy stupid man, that insensitive man shot at this young man who was at the viewing centre watching a match just like a regular person and that’s the end of this young man. Aren’t we tired of all of this? What can be done? How do we get this sorted?. Really, anyone could be a  victim of this.

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : Why Are We Here?

  1. Samuel April 3, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    It is just so sad. The government does not take the life of its own citizens seriously. Which way Naija? So tiring.


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