The Story Corner : Don’t Be Fooled

By Onozasi

It’s Christmas eve guys, and I am grateful for everyone of you on this platform. Thank you for being here and please, you can send your Christmas gifts o. Anyway, let’s go straight to today’s gist. Well, I thought I would chill for the season, as they do say, spreading gist is not too good for Christmas but I couldn’t resist this one and if I don’t say it, you people will beef me because I know you all enjoy my gist. Okay, we heard {don’t ask who ‘we’ are} that one of our big female artistes in Nigeria, Africa, advised women on her platform to love themselves, love their bodies either fake or original after all, wigs are fake. I will not call anyone’s name but you can try to add one plus one together.

woman walking

Our ace musician who’s been showing some particularly endearing pictures of herself on Instagram, getting everyone wowed and making different comments had to come out to speak to women to take a hold on what they have, no one should feel inferior and she admitted that they {artistes} also edit pictures just to tone up which means not everything you see is real. I am particularly happy she made that statement because I know some women give themselves unnecessary headache when they see pictures of other women. Particularly, those pictures they term as Hot! Figure ‘Eightie’ kinda hot, flawless skin, hair on fleek, nails untouched, lashes well laid, butt overblown shouldn’t bother you. Don’t chase shadows. Just love you, accept who you are, be like you not anyone else.

So, at this juncture… I rest my case and I would like to say, Merry Christmas My wonderful People

Source: Above Whispers

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2 Responses to The Story Corner : Don’t Be Fooled

  1. Olakunle Olajide December 25, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    You couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks for feeding us with stories..Merry Christmas Onozasi.

  2. DSEED December 27, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    Merry xmas in arrears and happy new year in advance.


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