The Story Corner : We’ve Got Twins In The Building

By Onozasi

My heart is full people… Yas! someone just asked what’s up, guess what? take a guess? Okay, you don’t want to try it, I will help you. Sources reaching me confirmed that an ace Nigerian actress just got delivered of twin boys. Now, why is this a big news? well, this actress hasn’t had the best relationships but she is totally everyone’s darling.


She is a the woman behind a comedy sitcom known as Jenifa. Oh, you can pick it now? it is clicking yeah? Yes! she got married in 2016 to a prominent musician and the people of the world have been waiting for that time when they would hear that she’s pregnant. What’s their business you would say, well, it’s not totally their fault, in this part of the world, once you get married, they start counting days, weeks and years for you. In fact, there was one numskull, who called himself a pastor and said the actress won’t have children except she marries a gate man. Wait, where is that man? baby girl got twins sir!


The internet family members are so happy that right now, the couple is trending with the bundle of blessings God blessed them with. This is indeed a way to end the year. I am happy for them. Let me say this, it ain’t over, until it is totally over! Please, on behalf of the social media clan, I will hosting pounded yam festival. I smell Christmas!

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : We’ve Got Twins In The Building

  1. Femi Diipo December 22, 2018 at 11:35 pm

    Congratulations to her really. This is such a happy news. And where’s the festival holding, can really use some of than on christmas


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