The Story Corner : And The Fish Came…

By Onozasi

Jonah swallowed the fish, hey, sorry, the fish swallowed Jonah. I am not so good with religious studies. So, wait. We read that the fish swallowed Jonah when Jonah wasn’t trying to cooperate back in the day and Jonah paid for it. Some days ago, something happened too, very similar to what happened to Jonah in the bible. The fish came, in form of a bank and swallowed her colleague in the business. Did you read it? Wait! I read it. I heard one very big bank swallowed another bank, well,they said they merged but according to what my insider told me, they actually bought them over. So, I am right to say, they were swallowed.


Well, according to the news by my gist republicans, they said the other bank hasn’t been doing well. You would wonder that upon all the adverts with Ada answering questions etc, this could still happen to them.  Well, the bank including Ada have been swallowed for a better cause. You would agree with me that instead of folding up, it is better to be swallowed and vomited refined! For those who’ve got their account in the swallowed bank, well, you are safe. As I said, they didn’t fold up, they were just swallowed to be vomited refined. That’s the end of the gist. Now, let me ask you, are you swallow-able?

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : And The Fish Came…

  1. lukman December 20, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!! Savaaggggggeeee. this is too much.


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