The Counselling Session With Madam K : This House Is Too Hot For Me {2}

By Onozasi

Welcome to the counselling room with Madam K. As usual, we will read stories from survivors, people who have been through the odds and have stood against the odds. I am sharing these stories to awaken us, to make us know that people are going through a lot of inhumane treatment. I was in the office {On the couch} when this young boy walked in and said he needed to talk to me. I was shocked, I wondered what the talk was about… What does this young boy want? If you haven’t read the first of this story, do check here

Young Boy : Mum, I slept well this afternoon, I want to sleep well again this night. Go home, Madam K will take care of me.

As I followed her out to the gate, she broke down in tears. She couldn’t believe what her son said… She kept repeating as she got into her car… Ma, he said he slept well this afternoon and wants to sleep well again tonight… Ah! 

I told her to go home and repeat those words to her husband. 


The next day, Mojolaoluwa’s parents came to me and we had a heart to heart conversation.

Madam K : You know why we are here, right? so, what is the problem? why are you not giving your dear child peace?

His Mother : His father is the cause of it. He sleeps with every woman he sees. He is not willing to give me rest. He does it with no respect, he does it to my face. He answers their calls while we eat. I don’t trust him anymore and then, he hits me.

His Father : You think you are the only one without issues? Madam K, let me tell you, this woman has become wild in our  home. She behaves like a mad person. Tell her to give you the evidence of what she is accusing me of, she doesn’t have one. How can a woman decide to be evil? she doesn’t want to see me with any other woman. All she does is accuse me of sleeping with them, I know I have done it once and I have apologised  but if she doesn’t want to let it go, she should let us end it.

His Mother : Is that the way to talk? He wants me to leave the house so that he can marry one of his side chicks. This cannot happen. I won’t permit it.

Madam K : I think this is about opening the wound that should have healed…

His Mother : Can a woman forget the fact that her husband cheated on her? can she ever forget the ridicule? the fact that he was having an affair, no iota of respect? not one for the vows or the love we both share, or probably shared.

Madam K : You don’t love him again yeah?

His Mother : I don’t know if I still do but I won’t leave the house for any woman.

Madam K : Why do you beat your wife?

His Father : She provokes me. You really don’t want to see her when she gets into the act. How am I supposed to handle that?

Madam K : How about leaving the house for a moment till she cools off?

His Father : Well, she locks me up, holds my shirt and keeps hitting me till I act. She provokes me to anger.

Madam K : What if you try to leave your husband to think deeply about what you want? if you want this marriage to continue or not?

His Mother : Ah! That will give him space to do anything he wants to do…

Madam K : You see, you might just kill yourself untimely. You have an option my dear. You don’t have to let go if you cannot let go but if you want to really let go, you have to tell yourself the truth and allow forgiveness grow. For the sake of the boy who’s the one under the trauma of your violence, a boy who’s got a very long way to go. If you have anyone who can care for him in peace, please, allow the person care for him but if you don’t you have to settle this thing. The both of you must find a way to love each other and not get in each other’s way. There should be decorum in your home. It is a home not a war front. Your son likes to draw have you noticed that?

His parents : {stutters} No

Madam K : And guess what, he drew the both of you fighting. It’s a nice piece with a terrible background story because he is speaking about his parents. Isn’t this painful? This boy knows war at a very tender age. If the both of you won’t let this go, let your son go. Let him enjoy a peaceful life because he deserves this as a child. 

His Father : I am not a womaniser, she accuses me wrongly and I have tried to be a good husband  but she won’t allow me. {faces his wife} will you allow me be good again? I am not dating those girls. In fact, I will delete all their numbers on my phone if that’s all you want. Please, let us make this work.

His Mother : Are we doing this for the sake of the marriage, me or our son? I would like to know

His Father : For Love, For Marriage, For You, For our son.

His Mother : I would take time to be better. I think I will keep coming to Madam K to learn from her. I am willing to make this work for Love, for Marriage, For You and Our son.

Madam K : Who’s the Hero here?

His Parents : Our son is the Hero

Madam K : I would need you people to talk to him, apologise to him and make him understand that things will be better from now on. Let me get your son for you. {Mojalooluwa walks in} My sweet baby, home is fine now. You can go home 

Mojolaoluwa : And if I get home and there is no peace?

Madam K : I will come and get you, I am also watching your parents. 

His Father : There is peace now my boy, I promise you. We are sorry for all we have done.

Madam K : It’s getting late, go home, cook, eat for love, marriage and your son, who’s our Hero.

Mojolaoluwa : Thank you Madam K. I will always come back to learn more from you.

Madam K : {to his parents} This boy is too smart to be frustrated. Take care of Him.

Well, I hope you have learnt something here. We will see again, very soon.

Source: Above Whispers

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3 Responses to The Counselling Session With Madam K : This House Is Too Hot For Me {2}

  1. Modupe Olusola December 24, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    I am happy they got a way around it and I hope they indeed live in peace and love, well, madam K

  2. Veronica Imaseun December 24, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Real life issues, real life lessons. Thank you for sharing this with us and I am sure people will learn from it. When the home isn’t in order, children suffer a lot.

  3. Bimbola December 24, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    I enjoyed the first part and the second part too, this second part got me thinking. Forgiveness is key but if you can’t do it walk away. There are so many hidden lessons in this conversation.


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