25 Things You Should Do To Make Your 2018 Christmas Memorable!

It’s less than a week to 2018 Christmas!


The Christmas period is usually a time of so much joy and celebrations. It’s that season of the year everyone looks forward to. However, more often than not; it’s also time when people are stressed the most financially; for obvious reasons. There are expectations from family, friends, colleagues and from every quarter.

Christmas can be celebrated memorably and without tears; if planned properly.

So i thought to share these 25 things you can do to make your 2018 Christmas memorable.
1. Have a Grateful disposition all through the period ( and even after)for the gift of life.
No breath, No Christmas!

2. Please draw a Christmas budget for 2018.
How much do you have to spend and what would you be spending on?

Prioritize your spending: Essentials and Lifestyles, before and after Christmas.

Remember there comes a lot of expenses in January- Rent, school fees and loads.

3. Start to pick up items you may need during the Yuletide from now. Gifts, for cooking and all.

4. Ensure you pay a visit to an orphanage. Share the joy of Christmas with the less privilege. The memories will be with you for a long time.

5. Plan a girls (or boys) out with your friends. Two hours of gisting and fun will make a lot of difference.

6. Plan a special gift for your domestic help, nanny, driver (those people who make life easier for you).

7. Learn and make a special dish (one you have never done before) for your family this Christmas.

8. Give yourself a special treat. You and you alone. A visit to the spa or eat out at a restaurant all by yourself. You deserve a special treat for all the hard work this year.

9. Look out for a widow or orphan and reach out to them with something special for Christmas.

10. Organize a fun event for the children also. Take them out; host a sleep over or just something they’d be glad about.

11. Save something aside from your 13th month salary, end of the year bonus or profit sharing. Lock it up in an investment Account!

12. Write an appreciation email or letter to at least 3 people who have made 2018 worthwhile for you.

13. Have at least one hour period of reflection over the events of 2018; the success, the misses, the experiences.

14. Engage in a community service alongside your neighbors and friends. It might be a gift sharing outreach to a community.

15. It’s okay to buy yourself a gift to celebrate yourself.
Address it to YOU.

16. Engage in a good conversation with a few of your colleagues over lunch; during break time. Let sandwiches be on you.

17. Visit your parents if you still have both or either of them. With a good gift and have a great time with them. You can visit a parent-figure also.

18. Light candles in your home; even if it is for the first time.
Create a fantastic ambiance around your home. Candles make the house prettier.

19. Be deliberate about the purchase of your gifts. Draw a list and an amount you want to spend for each person.

20. Never baked before? Try your hands on baking. Take a cue from Youtube. Cupcakes, cookies, bread, buns, anything nice.

21. Attend a carol service. At least one! And sing a lot……..

22. Organize for Santa to visit your house and deliver the gifts to your children. They will love it!

23. Visit a family and or invite a family over to visit. Have a lovely time together.

24. Go to church, give a special offering and ensure to soak in and enjoy every moment.

25. Be moderate and simple in all you do. Don’t borrow to execute any of the things listed above,
enjoy life within the limits of what you have!

Remember, the essence of this is for you to have a MEMORABLE Christmas celebration. 
Enjoy every moment!

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to 25 Things You Should Do To Make Your 2018 Christmas Memorable!

  1. Femi Diipo December 22, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    These are really nice tips. I really have to do some of these things


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