The Story Corner : He Is Not A Man! Come Again?

By Onozasi

My people, my people. I didn’t disappear, I just went to refuel my tank. You know getting stories to tell is a big task especially hot gist like the ones I share here. Let me go straight to business. Come and hear something that I saw on social media o. One big musician, known in Nigeria and Africa was seen crying when his wife and one of his baby mamas made up. Hmmmm! This our uncle at one time impregnated quite a number of women before he settled down and I heard that each woman was expecting to be the ‘The One’ so some of them got angry when he settled down with the person he settled down with. This caused some feud then but according to what we have heard, the babe he chose to settle down with has been with him since year zero when he had nothing at all and it’s amazing that she stuck around even when he was philandering at the time. Uncle came back to his senses, settled the women in his life handsomely well and got married to his day one babe but as you know, not everyone would like such. To cut the long story short, one of his baby mamas came around recently and hugged his wife, they talked and settled. The guy was so happy that he started crying, this was what he had always wanted and of cos, we were happy for them but some people won’t stop at that, they said it was weak for him to cry.

pregnant black woman

Hay God! The way some people just go about talking on social media ehn, I cannot explain it. So, because a man’s crying, it is weak of him to shed tears. Can you people beat that? can you? It is wrong for him to cry. He shouldn’t have cried outside his home. Excuse me please, are you the owner of his face? his eyes or his tears? is it your tears? See ehn, If we keep keeping our senses in a box growth will be far away from us o. That’s all I would say about this matter. Thank you

Source: Above Whispers

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