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LOUD WHISPERS: Prickly Auntie

LOUD WHISPERS: Prickly  Auntie

Maybe I am turning into one of those prickly Aunties we used to avoid when we were young. The ones who always had something to say about what, when, why and where we said or did something. I am usually quite easy going, even if I say so myself. I don’t believe I take myself […]

LOUD WHISPERS: The Value Of What Is Ours

LOUD WHISPERS: The Value Of What Is Ours

In December 2006, I attended a Ford Foundation philanthropy retreat in Bahia, Brazil. My first visit to Brazil was in 2004 to attend a conference in Rio de Janeiro, and even though I enjoyed the experience, I felt I had missed something by not being able to go up to Bahia which has strong African […]