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MAKING IT BETTER: An Open Letter to Above Whispers Community

Dear brother, sisters, (egbons, aburos), uncles, aunties and friends, I hope you will indulge me in my letter to you. I am feeling rather sentimental, prayerful, joyful, and full of grace and gratitude and want to share this with you. It has been almost a year and a half since Above Whispers was created by […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Love, Kindness And Compassion

Some of you might have heard of the recent tragic fire that gutted a low income high rise housing in West London. This tragic event is one coming so close behind the terrorist bombing at a concert in Manchester where young people had got together to relax and enjoy themselves. Prior to that London had […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Sixty Is The New 40!

Today and for the rest of the year I will be thanking God and finding every opportunity to celebrate. I have now reached an age where I can and no longer wish to reduce or camouflage the numbers, or refer to myself as a woman of a certain age, an older woman, the right or […]

MAKING IT BETTER: How Do You Assess Your Quality Of Life?

I have a big milestone I am about to achieve in a week so I have been contemplative, taking stock, being reflective and facing some interesting findings. I will speak to this in my next offering. If we think for a moment about the things that make us who we are, what would come to […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Raising Mental Health Awareness

This month in the UK there are different campaigns taking place around Mental Health. I thought it would be opportune to replicate the same here. So I will be trying to raise as much awareness on this important issue as I can. I encourage you to send in any questions you might want answered or […]

MAKING IT BETTER: The Art Of Self Love Is A Precious Gift If We Understand It

We are in pursuit of power, fame and wealth in a way we have never been before. Whereas where it really counts we already have what we seek, it is there all the time. If we give it time it will make itself known. Your core sense of identity shapes your life. Who you think […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Are Men Really From Mars And Women From Venus?

People tend to ask couples who have been married for long periods what their secrets are. I always find it an odd question because by virtue of the word secret,that would suggest it is not something you want to share. Besides one couple’s successful ingredients may not work for another. The two most important questions […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Feeling Lonely…Being Alone, What’s The Difference?

A friend called me a few days ago from South America. We are very good friends but don’t get to speak to one another often. When I saw the international alert on my phone, for some reason I thought it might be her. She is a very accomplished woman who I would easily say is […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Names, Titles, Roles and Identities

Atinuke, Abike, Oyetoke, Gloria in excelcis…!! These are just some of the names I was given at birth. The others are all similar, celebratory, glorifying and exalting. It’s that time again when we celebrate international women’s day and of all the things I had initially contemplated writing about, I eventually settled for focusing on myself. […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Love Is Really The Answer…Isn’t It?

I’m almost embarrassed to ask this question because I feel as if I should know better, but I have had to get really serious about my state of mind and subsequent thinking recently. So let’s have some real talk here folks. Over the last few months I have been angry, irritated, anxious, and even almost […]