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Honoring God and Blessing Humanity

Honoring God and Blessing Humanity

For all the Lord has done, He’s doing and He will yet do, I am grateful. I am a product of grace and nothing else. When I was born, people gathered to mourn for my parents, saying, ‘a girl? What will she become?’ To them, girls did not amount to anything. Growing up, I remember […]

Synergy In Business

Synergy In Business

It is said that synergy is a business enhancer. I agree totally because I believe also that synergy is the way to move forward in most things in life.  One of the religious books even states: One person can chase 1000 (enemies) but TWO can chase 10,000 – a multiplying supernatural equation that defies explanation. […]

The Root Of My Passion & My Faith, And The Connection Between The Two.

‘Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent’ In the wake of some unpleasant national situations, neglect and injustice being faced by helpless Nigerians in recent times, I can not avoid adding  my  voice to cast some weight behind the helpless, and  to advocate for their defense and the honour of their rights. Such […]

Re-Invent Yourself

Career decisions are often made when we are too young to understand the total implications of our choices. A few of these include: Parents want to be the mother of people in the ‘elite professions’ – Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine. Would Fela have been a great physician like he was a great musician? Trendiness – […]

Where Are You In Your Life?

This morning as I drove to work, an image of a trader playing with her baby caught my eye. She threw him up in the air and caught him and swirled him around as the baby responded with a chuckle and giggle. I smiled to myself as memories came flooding back. I remember doing that […]

Unveiling The Queen Within

I speak so confidently about these things because I have been there and done that. A Queen is an embodiment of grace and royalty. She lives a life of splendor and has the world at her feet. People fall over themselves to do her bidding and she is always a pleasure to behold. The truth […]

My Trials, Triumphs and Lessons as a political candidate.

My Trials, Triumphs and Lessons as a political candidate.

Life as I know it is full of ups and downs, but when you go through traumatic incidents, it is very hard to find the strength to get back up and keep on pushing.   The year 2014 was a revelation to me. I decided to go into politics, unaware of the intrigues, expense and […]

Giving up is not an option

Giving up is not an option when all options have not been tried.  In the face of obvious challenges, continue to pursue your goals. I was twenty-five years old when I started to work as a journalist at the Nigerian Television Authority, Channel 7, Tejuosho, Lagos State.  A few months after, I was faced with […]