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The roles of the Media towards reduction of Violence against Women in Nigeria

One of the critical success factors towards the achievement of the goals of   a free and egalitarian society, is the existence of mechanisms to protect citizens from oppression, suppression, discrimination and  violence.  The passage of the Violence Against Persons’ Prohibition (VAPP) Bill, which was passed by the Nigerian Senate on 5th May, 2015 and signed […]

Olajumoke Orisaguna: The Nigerian Cinderella

Olajumoke Orisaguna: The Nigerian Cinderella

About three weeks ago, 27-year old Olajumoke Orisaguna was a complete unknown on the streets of Lagos, hawking bread.  A loaf of bread is about N100, and even with a full tray such as she carried in her first public embrace of fame, her whole ware for a day may not be more than N3,000, […]

Mothers and daughters: a better or different world?

I am very much a modern woman – at the intersection of the pathways  between new opportunities and old traditions. Navigating the old to the new, until they become older and very old and not so new.  Mother, wife, career person, a citizen of Islam and of Nigeria. A Person. This is my most prized […]

Decent Burial Please!

During the glorious days of the Daily Times Group in Nigeria, I got into the habit of reading the Lagos Weekend, the black sheep of The Times’ stable. In those days, many persons who regarded themselves as decent, wouldn’t touch the paper with a pole. But the very reason for which the weekend paper was […]

MAKING IT BETTER: Does Mental Health mean madness to you?

Ok, let’s keep it real now. Be honest, what was/is your gut feeling/reaction when you see or hear these words, Mental Health. Does your stomach turn? do you cringe, turn away, disassociate from it? Do you immediately think it has nothing to do with you? It’s something that happens to others? Do you think it […]

The Made in Nigeria Campaign

The Made in Nigeria Campaign

There has been renewed talk lately about the need for Nigerians to patronize locally made goods, (someone should have added… and services!). Championed by Senator Ben Murray Bruce, and supported by the Senate President Bukola Saraki, the Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment, Hajia Aisha Abubakar and a large crowd of online campaigners, […]

Men And Boys: The Missing Link In Solutions To Gender Based Violence

Violence against women and girls is a huge challenge and an obstacle to development across the world. It has been recognized as an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives of equality, development and peace. In recent years, there is an increased reportage or incidences of violence against women and girls across the world. There […]

Conquering Fear

I would like to share the story below, before I talk about my personal experience of   conquering fear. ‘Legend has it that Nasrudin was walking alone at night when he saw a group of people approaching in the far distance. Instantly, his imagination began to toy with him: “They are surely robbers!” he thought. “No, […]

Survival of Mothers and Babies: A Collective Responsibility

Survival of Mothers and Babies: A Collective Responsibility

Nigeria is one of the countries with high maternal mortality and infant mortality rates. People sometimes liken the maternal mortality rate in countries such as Nigeria to a full Boeing 747 crashing daily in order for us to appreciate the gravity of the situation. However, for so long we have being blaming government for what […]

Whatever happened to Fatima?

I never knew her name, I never asked her; how I failed; how I failed her. But let us call her Fatima.  She was a little girl of about nine years. Lean, almost frail, chocolaty dark, natural clear eyes set over her pointed nose. She may have been about nine years old but her eyes […]