Saturday, July 20th, 2024

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Financial Management in Troubled Times

Resource dependent African economies are facing hard times on account of weak diversification and over dependence on revenues from commodity sales in the face of a global crash in commodity prices. By contrast, a few (some post-conflict and some reform-led) African economies like Cote D’Ivoire (CDI), Senegal, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uganda are still experiencing […]

FINANCIAL PLANNING with TOYIN SANNI: Seven Steps to Get out of Debt!

Many more people than we think labour under the weight of debt. Being in debt can cost you your life or at the least, totally mess it up. It not only affects your finances (as most debts carry costs), credibility, self-esteem and peace of mind, many have been assassinated or committed suicide because of bad […]

FINANCIAL PLANNING with TOYIN SANNI: Prioritising Financial Security

My name is Toyin Sanni and I am fifty years old, a wife, mother, Pastor and an Investment Banker. I am passionate about helping people achieve their financial objectives and also about empowering women. I am truly impressed by this latest initiative of my highly inspiring friend and sister Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi and look forward […]