Thursday, July 25th, 2024

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Money Personality Types

Has it ever occurred to you that something definitely influences how and what you think about  money and  how ultimately you treat your finances? For many years , I didn’t have a clue about the influencing factor on how I managed my finances. I just knew I needed help as I was a reckless spender […]

Don’t Joke With Your Emergency Funds!

I trust you are doing just well. Life happens all the time; good things excite us and emergencies that spring up unannounced and startle us . Last Saturday, just before midnight, my family had to make payment for an emergency situation that could have led to a chaotic situation if not sorted. A few hours […]

PAYE versus SAYE

Ever heard of P.A.Y.E before? I bet you have! It’s an acronym for “Pay As You Earn”; a tax deducted at source by employers from employees before their salaries get to them eventually. You don’t even get to see or touch the money, it’s taken right from source. Has it ever occurred to you that more than […]

Financial Literacy Is Key

Get Financially Literate As Fast As You Can! I talk to a lot of people and each time we try to dissect the reason for their financial issues, they are quick to attribute it to a spiritual attack.  I am not too surprised, because many years ago, I concluded I had some spiritual problems regarding […]

25 Things You Should Do To Make Your 2018 Christmas Memorable!

It’s less than a week to 2018 Christmas! The Christmas period is usually a time of so much joy and celebrations. It’s that season of the year everyone looks forward to. However, more often than not; it’s also time when people are stressed the most financially; for obvious reasons. There are expectations from family, friends, […]

Be Careful Of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes!

About 13 years ago, a friend excitedly told me about an Investment opportunity that would triple my money within a few weeks. He said he had seen some people who invested their funds in that scheme and had collected about 4 times of what they put there and that he was going to put in […]

Setting The Right Financial Goals

Hello Friend! It’s that time of the year where everyone starts to think about the New Year (hopefully) and set goals. Two years ago; 2016 to be precise, I set out with a goal of publishing 4 books for that year; 1 per quarter. At the end of the year, I ended up with 3 books […]

The World of SAVINGS!

A lot of times, we are encouraged to save. Finance experts, books, sermons, finance groups teach the importance of saving money, but how come people still struggle with saving money successfully? Savings is simply putting money aside from your income on a regular basis. It is income not spent. The rule of thumb is that […]